Ethnography (Web Resources)

Louise Ferguson’s Website:

Christina Wasson’s Teaching Website:

Christina Wasson’s home page:

Association for Information Systems: Ethnographic Research References:

“On design, ethnography and ethnomethodology”:

Weekly Incite: Technology and Ethnography blog:

David Willimson Shaffer’s Website:

Visual Sociology Website:

Visual Anthropology Website:

Sociological Research

“The Merchants of Cool”:

Jeff Axup’s Publications:

“Real Time, Real Lives: Ethnography and the Digital Experience” by Richard Linington

Case study using rapid ethnography (Patrick and Metcalf):

Lucy Suchman’s Website:

Bonnie Nardi’s Home Page.

Brigitte Jordan’s Home Page:

Marietta L. Baba’s Home Page.

Practical Gatherings, providing services and support for the growing profession of workplace anthropology.

The Silicon Valley Cultures Project Website.

Work, Interaction and Technology Research Group, The Management Centre, King’s College London.

HCI Website, ok-cancel: